I remember seeing a black and white movie when I was in primary school from a marvellous (especially in those days) series was it called “Fact and Faith? Was it the Moody Science institute? Something like that. But what was fascinating was the links it made between the then VERY new physics (this was perhaps the mid 60’s) and some of the Bible’s remarkable observations about the post resurrection Jesus. He appeared and disappeared at will, moving through locked doors. He flew straight up (“ascended”). And yet he wasn’t a spook – you could feel his wounds, and he ate and drank. What kind of a body was that?

Unfortunately, to my recollection, the focus of our amazement was on the post resurrection Jesus. His dying and rising as such remained stuck firmly in a narrative about my personal sin and defectiveness. I don’t doubt my personal sin, and I experience my defectiveness daily (most recently an encounter with some rocks while snorkelling has lefts its bloody marks). But the missed opportunity was to do what the New Testament authors do – celebrate the resurrection as a demonstration of God’s supreme power and his appointment of Jesus as Lord!